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Indigenous Peoples & Local Community members invited to join new IPs and LCs VCM Engagement Forum to help shape the future of the voluntary carbon market

Written by ICVCM


The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) and the Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI) have today launched a call for board member nominations and partners for a new IPs and LCs VCM Engagement Forum for the voluntary carbon market, the creation of which has also been announced today.

The idea for the Forum has been incubated over the last two years under ICVCM leadership. At a multi-stakeholder event hosted by the ICVCM alongside The Nature Conservancy at COP27, participants highlighted the need for closer coordination and targeted capacity building to support strengthened engagement and participation of IPs and LCs in a high integrity voluntary carbon market. 

Read more about the creation of the IPs and LCs VCM Engagement Forum in this Mongabay commentary piece: How Indigenous peoples and local communities can make the voluntary carbon market work for them (commentary)*

To apply to become a member of the Forum Governing Board, please click the following link:

We strongly encourage applications from women and individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to fostering a forum that reflects the richness of perspectives and experiences from IPs and LCs.

Francisco Souza, member of the Apurinã Indigenous People from the Brazilian Amazon and Governing Board Member of the ICVCM, commented: “Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities are critical stewards of our world’s natural carbon sinks. However, they remain among the most marginalized segments of the population and receive the least assistance and benefits from climate finance. A high-integrity VCM should ensure that IPs and LCs have the agency to continue managing vital ecosystem services at the local, subnational, and national levels by recognizing and respecting their visions, traditions, culture, self-development and rights. I wholeheartedly support the establishment of a dedicated IPs and LCs-led Forum to facilitate this goal.”

Annette Nazareth, Chair of the ICVCM, commented: “High-integrity carbon credits can unlock urgently needed private capital that would not otherwise be available to reduce and remove billions of tons of emissions, particularly in emerging markets. Through an active and centralized engagement forum, IPs and LCs in the VCM can support and empower communities in the right way, growing participation and delivering significant benefits such as enhancing land rights, income opportunities, and biodiversity protection.”

Mark Kenber, Executive Director, VCM, commented: “A high-integrity Voluntary Carbon Market is one that can help get us to a net-zero world and serve the communities and areas that need climate finance the most. Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities feel the impact of climate change a disproportionate amount to others, yet they live and work in some of the most vital areas of the globe for preserving the planet and combatting climate change. IPs and LCs must have their voices heard and more importantly, actioned, to strengthen the VCM.”

*Article authors: 

Levi Sucre Romero, General Director of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests

Jennifer Tauli Corpuz, Global Policy and Advocacy Lead, Nia Tero

Kanyinke Sena, Director of Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee

Francisco Souza, Governing Board Member of the ICVCM