Meet the team


Dr. Kanyinke Sena is lecturer at the Faculty of Law and holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Arizona, USA. He is the Director of Cape Town-based Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee, a network of 135 indigenous peoples organizations in 22 countries in Africa. He has served as a member and first African Chairperson of the United Nation’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and also as a Member of the African Commission Working Group on Indigenous Populations besides other international organizations. He serves in several advisory boards including the Cambridge University Press. He does consultancies for organizations such as the World Bank, IFAD, UNREDD, IUCN, Kenya Land Alliance etc. He has excellent oral and written communication skills and very broad minded as result of travel to over 130 countries and having lived in Africa, Asia and America. Dr. Sena is also a livestock keeper and transporter. He comes from Ololulunga in Narok County.