How we assess carbon crediting programs

Assessing carbon crediting programs is a key milestone toward the achievement of a high integrity carbon market. A carbon-crediting program is required to comply with the criteria and requirements set out in the ICVCM’s Core Carbon Principles (CCP) Assessment Framework, in order to be deemed CCP-Eligible.

In parallel to assessing carbon crediting programs, the ICVCM is also assessing categories of carbon credits against the CCP Assessment Framework.

Who conducts the program assessments? 

Once a program has applied, the Integrity Council’s Policy & Implementation team will assess carbon crediting programs applications and present their recommendations to the Governing Board for review and a final decision. 

What does the program assessment process involve?

Programs interpret the criteria themselves and justify these interpretations in their applications. Once Programs have submitted their application, we work with them directly on any areas where we do not agree with their initial interpretation.

The ICVCM has made every effort to provide as much clarity as possible in respect to the criteria. We aim to ensure that ICVCM’s process for receiving clarification requests for CCP criteria is simple and transparent, via a form, and that any clarifications provided are published and available for anyone to read.

Once a program completes its application, it will be assigned a Relationship Manager – their main point of contact within ICVCM throughout the assessment process. The Relationship Manager will share updates on progress, request additional information or action from the program, resolve any queries the program may have and update on any changes to the timeframe for assessment, all via the application platform.

The Relationship Manager will be available for an optional kick-off meeting with the program and monthly update calls with the program will also be offered.

Is there anything else that programs need to know about the assessment?

Applications will be processed in the order they are completed and treated in strictest confidence during the assessment.

Programs will be asked to abide by standard ICVCM terms and conditions.

There are three possible outcomes from the assessment process:

  • the program is approved as CCP-Eligible.
  • the program is approved with remedial actions to be completed within two months.
  • the program is rejected (rationale will be shared with the program; who can reapply in six-months).

Programs which the ICVCM decides do not meet the criteria for CCP certification can appeal the decision by requesting a hearing with the governing board where they can present further evidence supporting their case for CCP-Eligibility.

Estimated Assessment Timeline

Programs will receive an estimated assessment timeline at the time of application.

The assessment process, subject to various operational considerations such as the number of programs in the queue and the unique characteristics of each application, is anticipated to take a minimum of two months for CORSIA-eligible programs once an application is considered complete and approximately four months for non-CORSIA programs.

Regular Updates for Applicants

We are committed to keeping applicants informed throughout the process. You will receive timely updates through the application portal.

Changes in the timeline

In the event that adjustments to the timeline are necessary, such as when additional information is required or specific remedial actions need to be addressed, your dedicated Relationship Manager will communicate these changes to your program’s application. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these cases.

Once my program is deemed CCP-Eligible can I issue CCP labelled credits?

No. CCP-Labelled credits must be from categories of credits that have been approved by the ICVCM.

Where will results be published?

Results of program assessments will be published here.


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