The Category and Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups

The Integrity Council is establishing the following working groups to: 

For all groups, the ICVCM is committed to a fair and open recruitment process of members, fostering a diverse and inclusive membership, such as geographical and gender mix and participation from IP & LCs.

Category Assessment: 

Step 1: The Category Working Group (CWG):

What is it?

The Category Working Group makes the first assessments of carbon crediting categories. It will assess which categories of carbon credits are:  

  • Fast-tracked for CCP labels,   
  • submitted to a multi-stakeholder working group for deeper assessment, or 
  • unlikely to meet requirements (assessment of Category is deprioritised)  

Who is in it and how are they chosen?

Membership of the CWG will include: a buyer, carbon crediting programs, a data provider, IPs & LCs, a rating agency, project developer, UNFCCC Article 6 expert, three members of the ICVCM Expert Panel and three members of the ICVCM Standards Oversight Committee.

The membership in the CWG has been coordinated with ICVCM partner organisation the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).  

Step 2: The Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups (MSWG) 

What is it?

Once the Category Working Group (CWG) has made its assessment, Multi Stakeholder Working Groups (MSWG) conduct the deeper assessment of categories that have not been fast tracked or deprioritized by the CWG. 

The outcome of their work will be to define whether:  

  • Categories meet the criteria and requirements for CCP approval;  
  • Categories meet the criteria and requirements for CCP approval if the relevant carbon-crediting program(s) take(s) remedial action;  
  • Categories does not/do not meet the criteria and requirements for CCP approval.   

There will be various Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups whose focus will be determined by the outcomes of the Category Working Group. Topics will include energy, land use & forestry or waste management. 

Who is in it and how are they chosen?

Multi-stakeholder working groups are composed of a cross-section of relevant carbon crediting methodology experts, including methodology development and project development, members of the ICVCM standards oversight committee and members of the ICVCM Expert Panel.  

    How can I get involved?

    Find out more about how to get involved in the multi-stakeholder working groups here.

    We are also setting up a set of Continuous Improvement Work Programs and will share more information soon.