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The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market’s (ICVCM) Market Consultation Group (MCG) is an open webinar series for individuals and organizations involved in the voluntary carbon market. The MCG will share information for those interested in the work and future of the ICVCM.

Our online webinars and in-person convenings alongside major events will cover a range of themes including:

1) ICVCM’s workstream, processes and timelines for assessing programs and categories and introducing CCP labels to the voluntary carbon market

2) Building confidence in the goals of the ICVCM

3) Gathering and discussing feedback on market infrastructure and business process requirements

In addition, these meetings will provide briefings around big announcements and share further detail on our latest news. MCG members will also be invited to subscribe to our newsletter.

Virtual webinars will run throughout 2024 and meeting dates will be posted on our newsletter and social media channels. Registration will remain open to new joiners on a rolling basis.

Joining criteria

MCG members must adhere to our code of conduct (found below). 

Who should join?

The ICVCM MCG is open to voluntary carbon market practitioners who wish to engage constructively with our mission.

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Members can join on a rolling basis using the registration form below:

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ICVCM Market Consultation Group Code of Conduct: Treat everyone with dignity and respect, be mindful of other people’s privacy and boundaries. Communicate in an open and respectful way. Be responsible and accountable in the way you carry out your role. Do not act in ways that are likely to bring ICVCM into disrepute. Breaches will be taken seriously and may result in removal from the Market Consultation Group.

ICVCM Data and infrastructure providers network

The objective of the network is to engage interested data and infrastructure providers in a transparent and fair manner, enabling providers to support and engage in the work of the ICVCM according to their specialist areas and areas of mutual interest with the ICVCM.