Our work with IPs & LCs

Our ability to limit warming to 1.5°C depends on ensuring Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs) continue managing vital ecosystems. This means they must be included in planning and implementing nature-based solution projects that impact their lives

It is critical that the Integrity Council works in partnership with IPs & LCs to ensure the VCM functions in a way that protects and promotes their rights and livelihoods. This will in turn accelerate the supply of high-quality carbon credits from projects that are led by IPs & LCs.

We currently ensure IPs & LCs voices are present in the key decision-making bodies of our governance framework. We have also been engaging with IPs&LCs during the development of our Assessment Framework and have work in progress to increase and formalize this engagement.

The Integrity Council recognizes and respects IPs&LCs’ contribution, rights and voices, this includes their ancestral knowledge and traditional resource management practices.


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