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Join our Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups to support carbon credit category assessments

Written by ICVCM


The aim of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market is to create a high-integrity voluntary carbon market that delivers real impact at speed and scale to accelerate progress on combatting climate change. Its global benchmark for carbon credit quality draws on the best science and expertise available, with a view to also ensuring that high-quality carbon credits efficiently mobilise finance towards urgent climate action. 

After publishing the full Core Carbon Principles (CCPs), Assessment Framework and Assessment Procedure in July, the Integrity Council is now ready to begin assessing carbon-crediting programs and categories of carbon credits against the CCP criteria, to define which are CCP-Eligible.

As part of the assessment process to assess categories of credits, the Integrity Council has established a Categories Working Group made up of internal and external stakeholders. This group is conducting an initial assessment of carbon credits produced by different categories and will assess whether credits from these categories can undergo an internal assessment process, need deeper assessment and should be submitted to Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups (MSWG) or should not be approved.  Membership of the Categories Working Group is through a nomination process undertaken by the ICVCM and the composition will be made public on the website soon.

Once the Categories Working Group has made its assessment, Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups will conduct the deeper assessment of categories.

We are now inviting individuals to join our roster of experts for the Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups which will perform these deeper assessments of categories of credits. Topics of the groups will cover areas like agriculture, forestry and land-use, energy, transport and industrial gases.

Initial placement on the roster will be for a period of two years with a possibility of renewal. 

Who are we looking for? 

The ICVCM Executive Secretariat is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive membership, such as geographical and gender mix and IP&LC representation.   

We are specifically looking for carbon crediting methodology experts, including methodology development and project development (from any sector, such as civil society, environmental non-government organisations, commercial, rating experts, carbon crediting programmes, public sector). 

What will be required? 

The MSWGs will hold virtual 3-hour meetings during the second half of 2023 and into the first half of 2024. The MSWGs will be staggered and likely to vary in duration.  Members should plan for preparation time and time to comment after meetings and additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.   

How to apply?

Find out more and how to apply here.

First round of applicants to be reviewed 2 October. Applications submitted by 23:59 BST will be considered in this first round. There is currently no deadline and later applications will be in a second round.  Please note that work of the MSWG is not remunerated.