Meet the team


Mikela Waldman is the Market Engagement Manager for the ICVCM, focusing on stakeholder engagement and VCM research for an efficient implementation of CCPs in the market. Mikela previously worked as a Voluntary Carbon Market Formation Associate for the International Emissions Trading Association where she helped ICVCM launch the CCPs. Mikela earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University and a Master of Science in Environmental Metrology and Policy from Georgetown University. Mikela focused her research on greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification methodology, exploring innovative approaches to accurately assess and measure GHG emissions and how these approaches can be applied to policy. Mikela also served as a fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where she made significant contributions to the field of GHG inventory and compliance standards. Prior to NIST, Mikela worked on electric vehicle supply chain research at New Energy Nexus, a renewable energy incubator in California.