Meet the team


Elijah Toirai, an indigenous person (Maasai) is a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to conservation Champion. The Lead, Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) and Communities under the Center for Communities and Conservation (CCC) at Conservation International (CI) and also serves as a subject matter expert on IPLCs to ICVCM (Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets).

He seeks to collaborate, establish, and lead creative partnerships to advance HRBAs that integrate Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs), through engagement and supporting teams and partners in building IPs & LCs into NCS projects. To enable this, he leverages on an expertise understanding of IPs Rights based approach to environment, conservation, and advocacy within the indigenous communities in Africa and globally.

Prior to joining CI, Elijah provided technical support to various projects and causes that built successful partnerships with government entities and development partners as well as sustaining networks of IPs & LCs in Africa and globally; been an instrumental member of the IPs’ community in UNFCCC processes including the IPs Pavilion and as FWG sub-committee on the development of the LCIPP (Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion) portal.