Fin Whitehouse



Fin Whitehouse is a Project Officer within the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs) team at the ICVCM. With a professional background in Sustainable Development, and a track record of coordinating sustainable infrastructure projects, he made a conscious career shift and joined the IPs & LCs team to make a genuine difference to the People and Communities who will be most impacted by climate change and whose knowledge is pivotal if we are to limit warming to 1.5oC.  

Prior to his professional career, Fin won the Joanne Smith Prize for the Highest Achieving Environmental Impact Assessment and Management MSc Student. He has also published several articles which explore various topics – from Geothermal Energy to Embedding Innovation Cultural in the Environmental Sector.

Fin is dedicated to ensuring that the Voluntary Carbon Market functions in a way that protects and promotes the rights and livelihoods of IPs & LCs. He also possesses a keen interest in Nature-based Solutions and their benefits to protect, manage and restore natural and modified ecosystems.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Fin is an ardent chef, photographer, nature enthusiast, bookworm and loves various sports.