The Assessment Platform

The Integrity Council invites carbon-crediting programs to apply for assessment through our new interactive platform.

Carbon-crediting programs will be assessed on whether they meet the criteria and requirements as laid out in the Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) and Assessment Framework. Successful programs will become CCP-eligible and will be able to use a CCP label on carbon credits from approved categories.

You can find the questions included in the Carbon-Crediting Program Assessment Process below:

For those Carbon-Crediting Programs that have been approved by CORSIA please find the questions here.

For those Carbon-Crediting Programs that have not been approved by CORSIA please find the questions here.

How does the Assessment Platform work?

Applicants are required to provide evidence in line with the requirements of the Assessment Framework. Once the submission of information, documentation, and evidence by programs is complete, programs will be notified and the application will proceed to the assessment stage.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are confirmed as complete and are treated as confidential during the assessment.

The platform includes a robust chat and ticketing system for applicants to communicate directly with ICVCM and any questions will always be followed up until marked as resolved.

Please note – all applications must be made in English.

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