About us

About the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market

The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (Integrity Council) is an independent governance body for the voluntary carbon market.

We do this by setting and enforcing definitive global threshold standards, drawing on the best science and expertise available, so high-quality carbon credits channel finance towards genuine and additional greenhouse gas reductions and removals that go above and beyond what can otherwise be achieved, and contribute to climate resilient development.

Our Mandate


Establish, host, and curate a set of Core Carbon Principles (CCPs), which will set new threshold standards for high-quality carbon credits and define which carbon-crediting programs and methodology types are CCP-eligible.


Provide governance and oversight over standard setting organizations on adherence to CCPs as well as on market infrastructure and participant eligibility


Help to coordinate and manage interlinkages between individual bodies; define a roadmap for the responsible growth of the Voluntary Carbon Market