Steve Thorne


Steve Is a South African Chemical and Energy Engineer who began his career in the early 1980s in the paper Industry implying a career extending more than 30 years. In the mid-1980s He became a UNHCR refugee for 7 years before repatriating to South Africa in 1991 to research and develop South African Energy Policy focusing on energy efficiency in the context of adequate and affordable energy services for the urban and rural poor. His career has spanned energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change issues (policy, strategies, projects, regulations, process, methodologies and standards, technical regulation, Capacity building, project development and implementation, finance and technologies amongst others) in Sub-Saharan Africa and Internationally. In that period he worked in a professional capacity for multiple bi and multilateral development agencies, Development Banks as well as for private sector.

Steve was the founder of SouthSouthNorth and co-founder of the Gold Standard Foundation. He has enjoyed nearly 20 years as a carbon regulator both in the UNFCCC CDM Small-Scale Panel and the Gold Standard Energy Technical Advisory Committee.

Steve’s experience and extensive professional networks, as well as his skills, interest and experience are in the energy, climate, justice, poverty nexus, and learning by doing, capacity development, copying left and mentoring young professionals. He manages in a collegial manner and leads from the middle. Recent relevant work includes the evaluation of the sustainable development impacts of early Article 6 activities with the Sustainable Development Initiative.