ICVCM Commercial Logos & Trademarks

Ensuring proper usage of ICVCM logos & trademarks

The CCP label, ICVCM logos and trademarks are a visual representation of high integrity of carbon crediting programs and CCP labelled carbon credits for the voluntary carbon market.

Proper usage of these logos is vital in maintaining the trust and credibility associated with the work of the ICVCM and what the CCP label represents. Below, you will find essential information about these different logos, trademarks, and their usage policies. ICVCM will take the action necessary to protect and uphold the reputation of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market.

The letters “CCP” are trademarked and when used as a visual representation related or connected to ICVCM (for example on a carbon credit trading platform or in respect of ratings), require execution of a logo use policy with the ICVCM. Please contact us if you wish to use “ICVCM CCP” or “CCP” in such a manner ([email protected]).

Use of the logos below requires permission from the ICVCM, along with adherence to the logo usage policy. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

The iC logo

iC Logo

This logo may be used in accordance with terms agreed with ICVCM.



The ICVCM CCP logo is for CCP-Eligible Programs to use on their materials and websites. Only CCP-Eligible Programs may use this logo.


CCP Label

The round CCP carbon credit logo is for use by CCP Eligible Programs in respect of CCP-Approved carbon credits on their own registries. This is the only use for this logo.

Other CCP Logos

Other CCP Logos - Blank

The round ICVCM CCP logo in a square box is for use by entities that are under licensing arrangements with ICVCM. Please contact ICVCM ([email protected]) to execute terms of use to use this logo.

The logo usage policy is designed to ensure that logos are used correctly and consistently, thereby protecting the integrity of the ICVCM. The use policy helps maintain a high standard of representation across various platforms, ensuring that the logos are used in a manner that reflects our commitment to high-integrity and trust.

Why It is Important

Adhering to these policies safeguards the ICVCM and the voluntary carbon market by ensuring that ICVCM and CCP logos are used appropriately, and preventing any potential misuse that could lead to confusion or damage to the reputation of the carbon market.