Kanyinke Sena

Kanyinke Sena BiographyDr. Kanyinke Sena is lecturer at the Faculty of Law and holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Arizona, USA. He is the Director of Cape Town-based Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee, a network of 135 indigenous peoples...

Taller de PICL de la ICVCM (español)

https://youtu.be/xn1iQxRAPls Los talleres de los PICL introducen el borrador de las directrices y destacan temas que son de interés específico para los PICL. > Descarga las diapositivas aquí También hay una grabación disponible en inglés y en francés.

ICVCM IPLC Workshop (English)

https://youtu.be/k1wOcxxxcUM The IPLC workshops introduce the draft guidelines and highlight issues that are of specific interest to IPLCs. > Download the slides here Please note, we also have a recording available in Spanish and in French.

Francisco Souza

Francisco SouzaBiographyDr. Francisco Souza is the Managing Director of the Forest Stewardship Council of the Indigenous Foundation. He is an economist and member of the Apurinã Indigenous Peoples of the Brazilian Amazon. As Managing Director of the FSC Indigenous...